Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Dated: January 19 2021

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As we continue on our New Years resolutions for 2021, we wanted to not only look at some things we can do to improve our living spaces...but also what we should avoid doing this year in regards to decorating your home. Here are a few interior design mistakes to avoid when taking your decor up a notch!

Following Fads

The number one rule, I think, would be to remember that your space is for you. Don’t get caught up with following what’s currently popular if it isn’t what you would choose for yourself. Consider color combinations you’ve always liked, textures that make you feel comfortable, and overall “vibe” you want to feel when you walk in the door. When looking for decorating inspiration on pinterest or elsewhere, try to figure out which aspects of a particular room you really love, and which you could do without. Take note, and combine several of your favorites from differently-styled rooms to create an area that’s unique to you. Originality stands out!


Having Only Overhead Lighting

While an overhead light seems obvious and can certainly be necessary in the kitchen, it’s best to have a variety of light sources in any given room. Adding lamps to your space on different levels is an excellent way to draw attention to/away from certain areas, and it keeps a flattering flow throughout your home. If you think about, lighting is such an important aspect when it comes to any form of artwork – and interior design is no exception! You can find cheap and unique lamps at local thrift stores, and be sure to use a soft white bulb to make your space more inviting.


Treating Greenery as an Afterthought

There is nothing that makes a space quite as inviting as a bit of greenery. Whether you strive for a minimalist, clean vibe or a bohemian chic style, a few houseplants make a huge difference. Treat your greenery as a piece of furniture – choose a pot that fits in with your décor and make sure it has a proper home. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose a plant that requires minimal attention – snake plants in particular can withstand extreme neglect and make for a beautiful home accent.


Blocking the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, even if you never use it – don’t block it with large furniture. A fireplace is a wonderful addition to a living room, and arranging your furniture with it in mind always pays off. You can certainly place an accent chair or two next to it, but avoid a couch or anything that restricts access to and from your fireplace. When in doubt, a few decorative pillows can cozy up a bare seating area!


Keeping Clutter

No matter how beautiful your home décor choices may be, the overall effect can easily be overtaken by the presence of clutter. Everything visible should be purposefully placed so as to allow a steady flow through the house. De-cluttering is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere; here are 5 Things to Keep in Mind While You De-clutter Your Home.

Now that you have a few ideas of what not to do when decorating your home - get started! Check out local thrift stores to score furniture and decor for less, and remember that this is YOUR home - so it's all about what you enjoy. Most importantly, have fun!

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Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

As we continue on our New Years resolutions for 2021, we wanted to not only look at some things we can do to improve our living spaces...but also what we should avoid doing this year in

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